Malaita Provincial Gov’t advisory committees wraps up final meeting for 2021


The Malaita Provincial Government Advisory Committees for Infrastructure and Natural Resources Management under Green Power Technology (GPTech) and Winrock International for USAid Scale Project have wrapped up final meetings for 2021. 

The two Advisory Committees working with GPTech and Winrock International under the USAID SCALE Project have wrapped up their final meetings last week. The two committees headed by the Premier were informed respectably of the progresses made by GPTch and Winrock on the implementation of their work programs to date.

The Advisory Committee on Infrastructure have been updated by GPTech and that work on the small infrastructures identified is progressing well. The required information has been collected and collated and that GPTech is working closely with other Implementing Partners under the SCALE project namely Nathan and Assoiates and Total Solutions to finalise the status of the projects.

Nathan and Associates and Total Solutions are Implementing Partners under the USAID SCALE Projects that are responsible in dealing with Market Systems and Partnerships and Funding for the projects once they are fully developed.

The next stages on the development of the small scale projects are critical since they are dealing with the finalisation of the projects to determine amongst other things the viabilities of the projects. After this process then there will be tendering for the constructions of the projects.

The Committee was also informed that due to multiple donors funding the Maluu Fisheries Project, the Fishery Project under SCALE earmarked for Maluu is proposed to be moved to Atori in the Eastern Region of Malaita. This is important so that donors do not end up concentrating on one location of the province.

The Committee recommended that the fishery project for Maluu be moved to Atori in the Eastern part of Malaita.

The Infrastructure Advisory Committee was informed that due to COVID 19, the late arrival of key USA personnel’s and the finalisation of the discussions between USA, the National Government and MPG, the tendering of the projects after the final assessments will take place in March and will be finalised in April 2022.

Similarly, the Natural Resources & Environment Advisory Committee (NREAC) working with Winrock has had its final meeting for 2021 on Friday last week. Important progress has been reported including contractual agreements made with professional organisations and companies working on the carbon trade initiatives and payment for ecosystem usages.

These developments are critical in advancing the restorative economy policy direction of the MARA Malaita Provincial Government.

NREAC was also informed of the Seed Funding Component under Winrock and after a lengthy discussion reached a very important decision to have the component implement starting next year 2022. The funding will be helpful for farmers on the identified crops that fall under the SCALE Project.

The detail criteria on how to access the funding will become clear ones that is been put together and agreed to by the parties.

-MPG Press

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