“Refrain from ‘One Link’ CBSI warns

Central Bank of Solomon Islands

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has clarified, its position on the ONE LINK PACIFICA (OLP) issue remains unchanged and that people should refrain from investing in the scheme.

CBSI today said, it must correct the latest rumors circulating in Honiara and around the country about OLP depositing its funds in CBSI accounts, are false and misleading.

It believes such false and misleading information is only meant to create confusion among the general banking public, instill confidence in the current members of OLP, and to entice new individuals into joining the scheme.

CBSI does not hold any funds of this nature, and by law, CBSI cannot accept deposits of money from any Pyramid/Ponzi schemes, let alone the mentors of OLP or from the OLP itself.

Section 10(2) of the CBSI Act 2012 prohibits CBSI from opening accounts on its books for any natural persons or private enterprises.

Therefore, the claim that CBSI holds money for OLP is not true.

It assures it will continue to provide any advice or information to the people of the Solomon Islands regarding these types of get-rich-quick schemes or activities.

CBSI and the Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU) have clarified all these issues in its recent press conference about OLP.

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