China Civil Engineering Company (CCEC) is looking to recruit around 300 local employees to work on the Pacific Games 2023 stadium projects.

Zhang Tenglong, CCEC Vice Team Leader of Project Construction Technical Group told the local media during a site visit to the projects yesterday.

Mr Tenglong said the company currently employs about 100 locals.

CCECC and local workers at the King George Sixth area construction site

Direct employment carried out by the company is close to 100 people, and with skill training, they improved their working techniques and could complete the work more efficiently under the lead of site engineers. Our company pays the salary to workers regularly as well as to pay the insurance fees. We also provide working meals and labour protection appliances, such as gloves, shoes, working uniforms and safety helmets, and so on,” Mr Tenglong said.  

In addition to employing local workers, the company has been procuring many of its construction materials from local suppliers as one of its aims is to inject funds back into the domestic economy. 

We also procured large quantity of construction materials from local supplier, including approximately 1,800 tons of cement, about 20,000 tons of sand and gravel and other building auxiliary materials, there’s also procurement of numerous living provisions for staffs involved in this project, and renting local tiers and trucks,” Mr Tenglong said. 

It is reported that local supplier’s cooperation with the company has resulted in an increase of local businesses’ employment; rough estimates of indirect employment raised by the project exceeded over 300 people so far.

CCECC will continue to hire more local workers and give them more professional and comprehensive skill training to improve their technical skills and facilitate the employment of locals.

CCECC will further broaden and enhance the cooperation with local enterprises, establishing a better relationship to provide help for the local economic development, during the COVID-19 pandemic,” He added.

CCECC entered the South Pacific market in 2003, and has been operating in the South Pacific region for nearly 20 years.

Its business scope covers 9 countries including Tonga, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon and Papua New Guinea.  

Meanwhile, Team Leader of the Central South Architectural Design Institute (CSADI) Project Management Ruan Xiangju said Solomon Islands representatives have had the opportunity to learn Chinese construction codes and China state-of-art techniques during the projects’ design stages.

He said this will help facilitate a quality construction industry for Solomon Islands.

National Hosting Authority (NHA) Executive Director Christian Nieng has acknowledged CCECC and their local staff for the work done so far on the stadiums. 

He said NHA has been satisfied with the employment of locals to work on the stadiums.

The Pacific Games 2023 in Honiara is expected to host 24 sports along with 22 Pacific countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Around 4000 athletes are expected in the country during the games.

By Sharon Nanau  


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