CDF for is all Solomon Islanders

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement, DCGA, further clarifies the RDCF will be dispersed for the benefit of all Solomon Islanders.

The member of Parliament for East Areare Constituency and Deputy Leader of Opposition Hon. Peter Kenilorea Junior yesterday asked the Prime Minister if the 2020 development budget for constituency development will not be politicized to exclude five Malaita Constituencies whose MPs supported the Auki communiqué.

But Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare cleared all doubts, his government is exploring how best it could utilize the funds to benefit people of these constituencies.

“As the opposition group and everyone are talking on the issue, I think that not right. Be rest assured Mr. Chairman that as soon as everything is over, we will be able to get these funds across to everyone.”
The Deputy Leader thanked the Prime Minister for showing his strong leadership in making such an inclusive decision. This will see funds channeled through RCDF benefiting all constituents.

“Thank you so much Prime Minister for that explanation and looking forward to settling this.”

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