Commissioner Operations Gabriel Manelusi. Photo credit: Right Now.

Commissioner Operations Gabriel Manelusi. Photo credit: Right Now.

Celebratory floats will only be allowed if winning candidates have obtained formal approval from their respective Provincial Governments or the Honiara City Council, says the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast, and the Assistant Police Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi issued the advisory in a public message broadcasted over SIBC’s Unified Voice this afternoon.

The Assistant Police Commissioner also warns conducting a float without an approval is against the law.

“Like the Commissioner has said, there will be no float allowed in the Honiara City or province unless you obtain an approval from the relevant provincial government or the Honiara City Council. No formal approval has been received from the intending candidates and supporters. It is against the law to behave in such a way to conduct a float without the approval from the Honiara City Council or other local provincial government for that matter.”

The Assistant Police Commissioner also appealed to the general public to continue to show respect to each other.

“It is good that we show the same manner of respect to each other as we did on the Election Day of Wednesday 19th November, 2014 and we should continue to rebuild Solomon Islands. It is time for you and me to play our part for the future of our country, let us rebuild our country.”

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