High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo: SIBC

High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo: SIBC

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer has congratulated the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force for their operation to curb the recent riot during the Julian Marley concert at Panatina.

Sir Albert made this statement while reminding members of the judiciary about the crucial work and role of the police and the correction services in the country.

The Chief Justice says the efforts by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the Participating Police Force during that time showed how much progress they have achieved.

“The recent riots and disturbance at the cultural village at Panatina campus demonstrate to the pubic how much progress has been achieved in terms of the capacity and capability of the Police force an the participating police force to deal with such situations. That disturbance could have been worse but because it was handled professionally, tactfully and firmly and decisively, it was never allowed to spiral out of control”, said  the Chief Justice.

 Sir Albert urges the police to demonstrate commitment and dedication to duty and maintain a high level of discipline.

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