Paramount Chief Dennis Lulei. Photo credit: IDC.

Paramount Chief Dennis Lulei. Photo credit: IDC.

The Paramount Chief for Maringe in Isabel Province Chief Dennis Lulei has condemned the attack on a young girl from Isabel in the Western Province.

It was alleged, a man from Western Province attacked the girl who sustained neck and body injuries.

Reports reaching SIBC News said the girl was attacked and left on an isolated island near Rarumana in the Western Province.

Meanwhile, Chief Lulei describes the incident as cruel and uncivilised.

“That attack, to me, is brutal, uncivilised, unwarranted and also really bad. A peaceful island, very happy people and are mistreat my people of Isabel, what do we commit to deserve such thoughts? Isabel girls deserve some respect from people from other provinces and my girls either you befriend them or marry them, it costs you nothing, so such behaviours are hurtful.”

The Paramount Chief urge the people of Isabel especially, young girls and women, not to fall into strangers influence.

“Finally, I’d like to warn young girls from Isabel wherever they are in other provinces working or such, be careful, look after yourself. Don’t go with a stranger as you got to be very careful now you know. It’s your right to have a friend or engage to somebody but never accept to go alone. That’s my advice to girls of Isabel province and I condemned the attack in the strongest term.”

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