The Choiseul Provincial flag. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

The Choiseul Provincial flag. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

The Pacific’s Role Model Climate Change Resilience Town is now doing topographic surveys at Choiseul Province’s new township site.

The new Choiseul bay township will be the first to account for all Climate Change aspects in its architecture and constructions.

Reporting from the Province, SIBC’s Leni Dalavera says the Premier for Choiseul Province Jackson Kiloe said the special town format is different from all provincial towns, including the Honiara City Council.

Dalavera reports, the Provincial Premier says the green town will be a friendly environment.

“Choiseul Provincial Premier Jackson Kiloe told SIBC, a special town format different from all provincial towns in the country including the Honiara City, is in the making. He says the Green Town will be environmental friendly, where bushes and vegetation will form part of its setting.”

Dalavera also reported, buildings erected in the new township will also carry signs to minimize effects of climate change.

He also reports, according to the Pacific Climate and Scientific Program, Taro town is the first provincial town in the Pacific to be relocated because of climate change impacts.

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