A map of Choiseul Province. Photo credit: Rural Link.

A map of Choiseul Province. Photo credit: Rural Link.

Pagoe Community in Choiseul Province has praised the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, for its provincial tour program in rural and remote communities in the country.

SIBC’s Leni Dalavera reported from Pagoe today, a Chief Gillian Poloso says such provincial tours enable people from remote areas to voice their concerns to the Government and to decision makers.

“Chief Poloso said SIBC has provided a level playing field for communities who otherwise cannot be able to use the powerful tool when it goes down to citizens of the country hearing and passing their concerns to the government or to other decision making organisations in the country.”

Dalavera reports, Chief Poloso also says people have important issues and concerns but limited media access is a major problem.

Chief Poloso said, SIBC’s approach to get in touch with remote areas of Solomon Islands shows SIBC’s commitment to promote peoples voices.

A team from the National Broadcaster is currently touring Choiseul Province.

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