Civil society groups to march to PMO

The Prime Ministers office. Photo: Supplied.

Civil society groups have organised to present the peoples’ petition to the Prime Minister’s Office tomorrow.

The petition emphasised the people’s support for the Anti Corruption Bill- urging all 50 members of Parliament to take a stand with the Prime Minister to bring an Anti-Corruption Bill into Parliament.

Committee Chair, Dr. Huddie Namo said that tomorrow’s peaceful march will be restricted to appointed members.

“The march is restricted only to those 50 members from the 50 constituencies around the country, ” he said.

“The only way the public can participate is to sign the petition.”

Chair Namo explained the petition outlined three specific demands.

“There are three demands in this petition, one is for the government to bring back the anti-corruption bill, secondly we want the 50 members of Parliament to pass the bill, and thirdly the government must allow civil societies an avenue to consult with the them on the new anti corruption bill,” he said.

“We believe that these inputs are in the best interests of the country’s citizens.”

The peaceful protesters will assemble at SMI,Town Ground after 7 am before marching to the PMO to present the petition.

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