Solomon Islands National flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Islands National flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Islands will be among member countries of the United Nations to attend the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on the 25-27th of September.

Announcing one of the main agendas for the  UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015, United Nations Capital Development Fund Executive Secretary, Judith Karl says UN member states will gather in New York to launch a development agenda guide to 2030.

She says one of the priority issues that will be discussed are the 17 sustainable development goals, adding issues of financial inclusion are covered across many sustainable development goals.

“At its heart are 17 sustainable development goals. Issues of financial inclusion are actually covered in many of those development goals. There are references to financial inclusion in SDG 1 on Poverty Eradication; 2 on Food Security and Agriculture; 3 on Health; 5 on Women’s Empowerment; 8 on Economic Growth; 9 on Infrastructure and Innovation; 10 on Inequality; 16 on Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Societies and 17 on Means of Implementation.”

Ms Karl made the announcement at the opening of the fifth Pacific Microfinance Week in Honiara yesterday.

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