Anti-Corruption bill back next month: Maelanga

Peaceful protesters march in Honiara.

Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga has assured the country that a rebuffed anti-corruption bill will be back in Parliament sitting next month.

The admission was in response to hundreds of peaceful protesters from Civil society groups who marched to the Prime Ministers office this morning to hand over a petition to reintroduce the bill to Parliament.

Hon Maelanga welcomed the petition, stating that he was pleased with the marcher’s concerns and guaranteed the Government was committed to bringing the anti corruption bill back to Parliament.

Chair of the civil society committee, Dr Huddie Namo addresses the Deputy Prime Minister.

He said the bill was now with the cabinet, and they were in the final process of bringing the bill back in the next parliament sitting.

“All of us want this country to be free of corruption, and I am happy to see that you’ve taken the initiative to present this petition to the government,” he said.

“But I want you to understand that this anti-corruption bill covers all of us, including institutions, churches, schools, the private sector, and the Government.”








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