Blue fin tuna underwater. Photo credit:

Blue fin tuna underwater. Photo credit:

A National Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture workshop has been successfully concluded in Honiara last week.

The workshop bought together Provincial fishery officers and private sectors to create new synergies to ensure both coastal aquaculture and coastal fisheries provide the opportunities for Solomon Islanders.

Speaking to open the workshop, Minister of Fisheries John Maneniaru said coastal fisheries and aquaculture can serve as a socio-economic tool to empower rural communities.

Minister Maneniaru said, the Ministry of Fisheries is mandated to develop measures to manage our fisheries resources.

He adds, fisheries resources contribute to food and nutritional security, better socio-economic standards and business and financial opportunities at the village level.

Meanwhile, the Fisheries Minister said, it is the policy of the current government to improve delivery of service to our people in the
rural communities.

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