2015 World Jamboree logo. Photo credit:

2015 World Jamboree logo. Photo credit:

Two members of the Solomon Islands Scouts Association left the country to take part in the preparation work for the upcoming 23rd World Scout Jamboree event in Japan next week.

Solomon Islands Scout Association Chief Commissioner Joe Oge said the two members will be working as an international service team.

“The two Solomon Islanders for the first time will be working as international service team. They’ll be part of the UK looking after more than 4,000 children in their immediate catchment or their coverage.”

He says normally Scouts from Solomon Islands usually attend World Jamborees as mere participants..

“Over the years we have been participants we didn’t have the chance to being party to those who actually organise because these are both different skills in terms of what we experience and that has been made possible by the United Kingdom or UK Scouts. This means a lot to us because it will be our first time where our two representatives will see for the first time how people are actually setting up and organising a Jamboree, so I think that’s the major impact for us.”

The Chief Commissioner adds Solomon Islands participation at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree event will be a  great boost for our Scout Association.

Four other Solomon Islands scouts will leave this Saturday to join the two.

The 23rd World Jamboree will start on the 28th of July to the 8th August.

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