Water. Photo credit:

Water. Photo credit:

Communities across the Solomon Islands will be better able to construct and maintain their own water systems with the support of 27 newly trained Construction Supervisors from government and non-government organisations.

The construction supervisors are spread across all nine provinces and have just completed a course on how to teach community members or ‘caretakers’ how to maintain their water systems.

This includes caretaker roles for both men and women, who may be responsible for flushing out a dam after heavy rain, repairing pipes, replacing washers and taps as needed or cleaning the area around the tap stand.

The course was held in late March at the Christian Outreach Centre at Balasuna village and included participants from all non-government organisations working in rural water, sanitation and hygiene in the country.

In addition to creating a pool of skilled caretaker trainers in every province, the program has also now developed and tested a training course for community caretakers.

The training course included a practical experience of delivering caretaker training in village settings.

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