Cross border fresh food delivery mechanism


The National Disaster Operations Committee Livelihood Sector is implementing a mechanism that will in effect to ensure the safe transshipment of fresh food delivery from outside the Honiara Emergency Zone into the city and vice versa.

Food distribution in Honiara hearded by the Livelihood Sector Committee. Photo Supplied

In accordance with the Livelihood Sector Response Plan which commenced with food security being provided to communities during the recent lockdown, the proposed system will be a joint operation linking the Livelihood Sector Committee, RSIPF, Health team and fresh food venders.

A statement from the government explained, “adherence of health protocols will be monitored by the Health team. Police takes charge of traffic rules & public safety while the Livelihood Sector Committee liaise with exempted farmers and vendors to ensure the transfer of food are done properly.”

Interested vendors will need to apply formally for exemption. Additional requirements include proof of vaccination, Swab and COVID 19 free, undergo training on PPE and Safety, Valid Driver’s License, Valid business licence from Honiara City Council and Guadalcanal Province.

Livelihood is a critical component of any public health emergency response from a food security and livelihood point of view. It ensures all people have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious foods to meet their dietary needs, boost immune system, maintain health to fight Covid-19 and other diseases.

-PM Press Secretariat 

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