Solomon Islands National flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Islands National flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Democratic Coalition for Change Government through the Ministry of Education has encouraged schools in the City  to revive the tradition of flag raising.

Honiara City Council’s Chief Education Officer Wayne Koebule says the HCC Education Division in collaboration with the Solomon Islands Scouts Association have organized an induction training to assist teachers learn how to properly raise flags in schools.

HCC’s Chief Education Officer Wayne Koebule explained the training is to equip teachers with the knowledge to accurately tie the flag, the right way to hoist it and how to professionally fold it.

“We have conducted two induction sessions and today’s is the second. In the first session, we have trained other schools within the Honiara City regardless of what education authorities they belong to. We trained them the proper ways to tie a flag, hoisting a flag, and we give them a flag each, so all schools attending will be given a flag and we have flags with us, given by the Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation, so virtually all schools in Honiara after this semester will now hoist flags every day.”

He adds they want to begin the flag raising in schools as part of their learning process and for the students to eventually take pride in the national flag.

“We want to start this off in schools because that is where we train the school children to recognise and say that I belong to Solomon Islands because my flag is flying.”

The Chief Scouts Commissioner Mr. Joe Billy Oge has conducted the induction training for Honiara City Education Authority Officers.

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