Buses operating on Honiara roads. Photo credit: SIBC.

Buses operating on Honiara roads. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Guadalcanal Province, Revenue and Licensee Division is currently undertaking a road check to ensure public transport vehicles who serve within the Guadalcanal Province boundary are paying their business license fees to the province.

Guadalcanal Provincial Revenue Officer Terry Vekea says they have also identified buses and taxis only entitled to operate within the Honiara City boundary extending their services to the Honiara out-skirts.

“Not only along the main road but also on the outskirts of Tuvarufu, Choviri, Papaho, Lengakiki, places at West and East Kola, so as the province we will have to collect business licenses from buses operating withing those areas.”

Mr. Vekea says it is not restricted, but public transport operators wishing to serve beyond the Honiara town boundary must pay up their Guadalcanal Province business license fees.

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