A mosquito bite. Photo: Courtesy of IVAC Blog.

                                                          A mosquito bite. Photo: Courtesy of IVAC Blog.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services announced a total of 414 cases of dengue-like illness have been reported in Honiara and Guadalcanal.

The Ministry’s National Emergency Operations Committee (NEOC) revealed in a media conference today, saying this was since the outbreak was declared early this month.

Chair of the Committee, Dr. Chris Becha confirmed the reported cases.

“There have been 414 cases of dengue-like illnesses recorded in Honiara and Guadalcanal where there is an active transmission since mid-August.”

He says cases are also reported in Western and Malaita Province, saying other provinces throughout the country should remain vigilant at all times.

“There have also been some confirmed cases in the Western and Malaita provinces. Advises were given to other provinces to be vigilant and prepare especially on educating our people on preventative measures.”

Gizo Hospital in the Western province has reported four cases of the dengue-like illness symptoms while Kilu’ufi in Malaita province reported six similar cases.

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