A dengue mosquito. Photo credit:

                                                               A dengue mosquito. Photo credit:

The National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara has recorded a dramatic increase of dengue-like illness cases this week.

NRH Chief Executive Officer, Dr Steve Aumanu says the Hospital’s emergency department has recorded a total of 245 cases of the dengue-like illness symptoms.

“Since the activation of the Hospital dengue response arrangements on the 10th of October 2016, the cumulative total number of patients with dengue-like symptoms presented to NRH Emergency Department as of the 17th of October is now 245. This is a dramatic increase from 45 suspected cases presented to the NRH in the preceding week.”

He adds from available information, the total number of dengue-like symptoms within Honiara and Guadalcanal as of Monday this week could be more than 600.

“From the available information, the total number of cases with dengue-like symptoms in Honiara and surrounding Guadalcanal as of 17th October 2016 could be as high as 656 or even more. The age group ranges from one month to 90 years. With the age most affected is less than 15 years and 25 to 49 years.”

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