Tokheim pumping system. Photo credit: tokheim.com

Tokheim pumping system. Photo credit: tokheim.com

Locally-owned fuel depot, the ‘Didao Refueling Station’ in Honiara will upgrade its services tomorrow by launching a new pumping system to replace the old pump systems they are using.

The owner of the fuel depot Toata Molea told SIBC’s ‘Distaem Nao’ program today, saying they will launch the new pump system tomorrow in the presence of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

He says the new pump system is easy and user friendly.

“It’s both easier and user-friendly so you just come in and it’s now all digital than before and you can actually reset the system and that’s why it’s user-friendly and easier to use. You can come and set your amount, typed it in like if you want a $100.00 worth of fuel, you can actually do that on the pumping system.”

Mr. Toata adds the new system is called the “Tokheim Multi-Product” pump system.

“So we’ve decided to bring this new pump system called the “Tokheim Multi-Product” and that means all products can come through only one system and the design you can only see them in developed countries, where motorists just pull up by the pumps and having all products through one pump than separate pumping systems.”

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