Casper Fa'asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Casper Fa’asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

The People with Disability Solomon Islands has completed a consolidated report and a new policy called Disability Inclusive Development Policy.

In an interview with SIBC News President of the People with Disability Solomon Islands, Casper Fa’asala says the policy will look more at how to empower people with disability.

“We have completed the consolidated report and we have also completed a new policy we call Disability Inclusive Development Policy  which will be looking at more inclusiveness in the work of implementing the expanded to help and develop to empower people with disabilities.”

He adds they are currently waiting for the new government to pursue their policy’s endorsement.

“We are waiting now for the formation of a new government and as soon as the new government is established the portfolios given to the respective ministries, we will then pursue the new government to take on a cabinet paper for the endorsement of the policy, so in plain language we can say the food is cooked just awaiting the new government to bless it.”

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