Dissatisfaction of male MPs causes division: Tuki


Freda Tuki, MP for Temotu Vatud

The only female Member of Parliament believes the problem with the country’s male parliamentarians is that they are never satisfied.

The outgoing Minister for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs and MP for Temotu Vatud Freda Tuki said in Parliament yesterday, this was the cause of internal division.

Ms Tuki is the only woman in the highest decision-making body in the nation and has served in the government for three years.

She said she had seen that leaders in the Solomon Islands were discontent.

“I see that our main problem as leaders of this country is that we are never satisfied as leaders,” she said. “Even if we are put in portfolios that we should implement to prove to our nation that we can build our own nation with our own capacity and run our own nation.”

Some were not satisfied with the portfolios they were given and instead looked for more, she said, citing that as the reason why citizens label parliamentarians corrupt.

And she was convinced that women could do better in this area.

She said barking in the House was not enough — leaders needed to be genuine to cooperatively achieve national priorities.

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