Casper Fa'asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Casper Fa’asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

The President of a non-government organisation that focuses on rights of people with disabilities has called on donor partners and the private sector to provide training on technology for people with special needs.

Casper Fa’asala made the statement today at celebrations to mark the 2014 International Day of Persons with Disability in East Honiara.

The International event this year is held under the theme “Sustainable Development; The Promise of Technology”.

Speaking at the celebration, Mr Fa’asala says there is still lack of information on how to properly use technology such as mobile phones, and computers.

He said there is also a lack of accessibility to hearing and available devices available for people with special needs.

Meanwhile, the President of People with Disability Solomon Islands says this year’s celebrations is important as it marks the end of the UN Millennium Development Goals, and welcomes the new “UN Sustainable development goals 2015 and beyond”.

SIBC News understands the event was held at the Telekom Recreation Centre at Ranadi, East Honiara and was attended by members of the NGO, and government representatives.

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