DPP Ronald Bei Talasasa Jr. Photo credit: Flickr.

DPP Ronald Bei Talasasa Jr. Photo credit: Flickr.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Ronald Bei Talasasa Junior has denied he has at anytime disrupted a trial to accommodate his travels overseas.

Director Mr Talasasa made this comment in response to comments by High Court Judge Stephen Pallaras during a workshop last week, who said the country needs and deserved to have a full-time Director of Public Prosecutions.

Judge Pallaras said Mr Talasasa’s frequent and regular trips on sporting tours and conferences overseas has impacted negatively on the country’s justice system because cases are interrupted mid-way to accommodate his travelling diary.

But responding to Mr Judge Pallaras’s comments today, Mr Talasasa says there has never been a case that had to be disrupted because of his trips overseas.

“There is no case that if it is listed for trial in that particular period we have to stop half-way in order for me to go somewhere. That is not true. There is no case like that. A case is being set for a period and it has to be concluded within that period. And if that period lapses, and the case still continues, we find a date. And when we find a date, we all have to make sure those dates are when we are free.”

Mr Talasasa further adds his office has always operated according to a prosecution policy and office policy of a high benchmark.

“So in this country, small a population as it is, there must be checks and balances in place upheld and adhered to in the office. I do not accept it right to be making a public speech, a speech that is available to the media criticising the DPP among others to in relation to delegated authority.”

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