Dream Cast got support from Australian Government

Australian High Commison team meeting with Dream Cast group|Photo credit: Dream Cast Group

What started off as a small drama theatre group in 2005 in Tuvaruhu Community, Central Honiara which advocates on issues affecting the country today has became one of the leading Theatre Groups in Solomon Islands.

Dream Cast Theatre Group comprised of young talented, creative young people who get together to perform art, explore and create together.

The group driven by passionate young people who love creative arts, yesterday launched their first new facilities.

Thanks to the Australian Government funded  Strongim Bisnis Program.

The facilities include a production studio,co-working space for youth in the Arts and a cafeteria. 

The launching of the facilities will assist  the  energetic creative young people to be able to support youth, women and people with disabilities to work on their projects and businesses in the creative arts sector.

Acknowledging Strongim Binis for the support is Dream Cast President Neil Nuia who said  the support will really help them achieve their dreams.

“We don’t have an art school in Solomon Islands we have each other, we have different artists sitting together and teaching one another.” he said.

Mr Nuia told representatives from Strongim Binis that what they have invested in is more than just having a studio, having a cafe they have invested their trust in a baby group that tries to make its way up.

“Trust is all we need in this country, if you don’t know young people need that from all the decision makers to have trust in us, we can do things we already creating stuff great things on the ground, we just need you to trust us and be with us and work with us along the way.” 

Deputy, High Commissioner Sally Anne Vincent also thanked Strongim Bisnis for assisting Dream Cast.

She added the youth hub for creativity is so unique and has a very important contributing factor to the development of Solomon Islands.

“We are really pleased to support the unique voices of Solomon Islands.” 

by Gina Maka’a

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