Dry ground due to El Nino. Photo credit: www.abc.net.au

Dry ground due to El Nino. Photo credit: www.abc.net.au

Below normal rainfall is most likely for most parts of Solomon Islands for the September to November period.

A Climate Outlook from the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services said the most likely outcome for the Eastern, Central and Western regions is below normal.

It says chances of more than 60% below normal rainfall is likely for the Central and parts of Eastern region while below 60% chance is likely for the Western region.

The statement said Solomon Islands is now into its normal dry seasonduring the year, which is from June to September 2015.

The dry period can be enhanced by the current intensifying El Nino condition in the region and will continue throughout the year.

The Climate Outlook further stated, most parts of Solomon Islands are likely to experience drier than normal rainfall.

Communities in the country are therefore advised to listen to the National Broadcaster for daily weather and marine forecast updates and for other extreme weather and climate events, which may be associated with the current El Nino condition.

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