The Kwaiafa bridge destroyed by flood waters. Photo credit: Panoramio.

The Kwaiafa bridge destroyed by flood waters. Photo credit: Panoramio.

Daily road users in East Malaita will have to spend extra money for transportation as a portion of the East road deteriorates to its worst condition.

The last road repair was completed five years ago and users complain having to pay twice as much for road transportation.

SIBC’s East Malaita stringer, Enoch Idui reports vehicle owners are also complaining having to pay extra to pass through parts of the road repaired by villagers who demand money from the vehicle owners for their work.

“What I actually discovered last week was that some locals who reside along the road did some repairs to the road without the permission of the Malaita Development Authority by patching up potholes along the road and demand truck owners money for their labour so the truck owners are also complaining of having to spend more.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Idui outlines where the road users would face difficulties when travelling along the road.

“The junction for Kwaibaita and Atori was affected by a recent landslide then the Kware’a road was also flooded by the river and a landslide, living a very narrowly dangerous strip for vehicles to pass through and a heavy rain would halt passing through as the road will be totally flooded. Another part is from Tiuni upwards where you have to push a vehicle through very thick mud.”

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