East Rennell calls for proper health service

A patient being assessed by a Nurse . Photo courtesy of journeyonline.com.au

People of East Rennel, Renbel Province have been without life saving medical service for the last five months.

George Tauika of East Rennel shared his people’s health concern to SIBC News.

He calls on the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the Renbel Provincial health department to quickly rescue them from their desperate need for health service.

“We feel like we a living in a very unsafe environment,  where anything can happen and we won’t know what will happen,” he said.

” I’m simply requesting the Renbel Provincial authority or other responsible authorities if they can address this issue to send somebody to look after sick people in East Rennel, because it is to costly to send sick people to West Rennel.”

BY: Fred Osifelo.


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