Election kits stolen in Fataleka


People queuing up to cast their votes in the last elections. Photo: andrewniusblog

Fataleka voter registration officials say, election kits stolen from one of the voter registration centres in the Constituency, Malaita Province, over the weekend must be returned.

Fataleka Constituency Returning Officer, Nickson Atu said, a flash drive containing raw registration data was removed when supporters of intending candidates grouped together and threatened people from other constituencies who intend to register in Fataleka.

Mr. Atu said, unless the flash drive was returned, registration process for Fataleka Constituency will be affected.

“The groups moved the kits with one flash drive which contain the PRCs , which contains all the back up data,” he said.

” If this goes missing, it will affect the whole of West Fataleka, because this area is the most populous and has a lot of young eligible voters.”

Mr. Atu said his officers were working with people who could investigate and negotiate the return of the kits.

He called on all intending candidates to cooperate and ensure their supporters are educated about the election process to avoid escalating fears for registration officers carrying out their duties.

Mr. Atu said, the Solomon Islands Electoral Office had been informed.

By: Leni Dalavera

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