‘Talem Ting Ting’ program returns


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‘Talem Ting Ting’ Program returns to the national airwaves starting today Tuesday 18th September.

The series will bring out people’s thoughts and voices on the performances of the national government and the current members of parliament.

Are they satisfied? Why or why not? What more do they want?

‘Talem Ting Ting’ offers an opportunity to raise these issues responsibly.

The program is put together by the Programs and Presentation department, and the News and Current Affairs department of SIBC.

It goes to air 9:30pm Tuesday night and repeats 8:30am Wednesday morning every week.

The team encourages members of the public to contribute. The topics will change very week, so listen out for them on the national voice.

This week’s topic features people’s thoughts and analysis from some senior citizens , about what their parliament representatives have done over the past four years.


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