The Nila Habour in Shortland Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Nila Habour in Shortland Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Mono Communities are calling on the government to pursue Timber Right Agreement before pushing for logging related activities on their land.

A spokesman, Michael Kalanuma recently told SIBC News, the recent attack on Success Logging Company stems from a refusal by the company to adhere to an agreement proposed by Mono community.

Mr Kalanuma says Mono communities are yet to receive any response from the Minister of Forest after their submission requesting the ministry to pursue the timber right agreement with parties involved before allowing logging activities on Mono Island.

“The committee was disappointed as the arrangement was inappropriate because Mono people want timber rights and not the agroforestry arrangement. I have also written to the Minister of Forestry consider this issue as the people prefer timber rights and not agroforestry, but since then we haven’t received any responses.”

SIBC News understands the Mono villagers sized some machinery and equipment from the company early this month during the attack.

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