Redley Raramo. Photo credit: Trade Expo 2014.

Redley Raramo. Photo credit: Trade Expo 2014.

The Trade Expo which sets to begin on the 6th of July 2014 is progressing well.

This was confirmed by the Chairman of the Trade Expo, Redley Raramo.

Forum Solomon Islands International reports Mr Raramo as saying, site construction, Water and Electrical work on the site is progressing well and expect to complete by Sunday 29th July.

Mr Raramo says the Trade Expo Solomon Islands 2014 theme is: “Innovation and Partnership to create a vibrant Solomon Islands Economy.

He explains, the Trade Expo Solomon Islands 2014 is scheduled to coincide with the Solomon Islands 36th Independence Anniversary celebrations and the Solomon Islands hosting the Pacific Economic Ministers Meeting from the 8th – 9th July 2014”.

Raramo calls on all corporate bodies, Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, and other service providers, including NGOs, to register with the Trade Expo Office at the Ministry of Commerce and Trade.

A visit by SIBC to the site confirms that work on the show grounds has progressed significantly.

Meanwhile, Mr Raramo says the Trade Expo is significant because it is the opportunity for the business sector to promote their products to the international visitors, other businesses and to the local people who will flock into Honiara during the occasion.

He outlines the objectives of the event is to promote innovation and development of locally produced products of Solomon Islands, enable firms to create and raised interests of awareness of their products.

Mr Raramo adds, it also aims to create awareness of the important role the private sector play in nation building.

The Trade Expo runs from the 6th of July to the 11th of July at the Bodo Detke show grounds situated between the two Mataniko River bridges.

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