Fa’asala proud at Para Athletes triumph and for winning Gold Medals

Fa’asala proud at Para Athletes triumph and for winning Gold Medals


By Lynton A. Filia

Casper Fa’asala, the Chief Executive Officer of People with Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWDSI), celebrates the remarkable achievements of Solomon Islands' para athletes in archery and men’s table tennis at the 17th Pacific Games.

Despite facing disabilities, their performances have clinched gold for the nation.

In an interview with SIBC, Casper Fa’asala expressed his excitement over the outstanding results showcased by Solomon Islanders in para sports. He highlighted their exceptional performances and significant accomplishments.

During the recent Oceania Championship, Solomon Islands had the opportunity to compete against regional powerhouses like New Zealand and Australia. Fa’asala proudly noted that two para athletes participating in table tennis secured two silver medals, marking a momentous start to the Pacific Games campaign.

“These results not only serve as encouragement but also signify something for the entire nation to take pride in. The achievements of these athletes demonstrate their abilities, capabilities, and skills that similar to those of able individuals in various sports like soccer and basketball.”

Fa’asala emphasized that despite disabilities, these athletes harness their talents and skills to compete fiercely against counterparts from across the Pacific. Notably, Solomon Islands clinched three gold medals in archery and an impressive gold medals in the men’s table tennis team event, solidifying their position in the Pacific Games record.

Looking ahead, Fa’asala expressed hope for continued success as the athletes’ progress into the pool competition. He remains optimistic about their potential to secure even greater achievements in the upcoming rounds.

Above all, Fa’asala urged the people of Solomon Islands to perceive individuals with disabilities not solely through their limitations but to recognize and celebrate their diverse abilities, skills, and contributions to making the nation proud.

“Don’t see us as people with disabilities but see people with disabilities who has the abilities, capabilities, skills and they can make Solomon Islands a proud nation as well,” Casper said.

Acknowledging the 17th Pacific Games and the unwavering support from the Solomon Islands Government and institutions involved, Fa’asala sees this as a pivotal step forward for people with disabilities.

“I believe by showcasing the true capabilities of individuals with disabilities, the Games challenge societal stigmas and attitudes. These young athletes set a precedent for a shift in perspective, affirming that individuals with disabilities are not defined by their limitations but by their remarkable abilities, fostering a more inclusive and empowered society in Solomon Islands.” –ENDS//

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