Factors affecting delay of West Kwaio By-election beyond Electoral Commission’s control


The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) says factors affecting the delay of West Kwaio by-election has beyond Commission’s control.

SIEC voter registration exercise. Photo: SIEC

Plans to hold the West Kwaio by-election has been in-placed last year and Electoral Office has ever since prepared, however, factors affecting the delay has beyond Commission’s control.

In a statement today, the Commission says the budget implications brought by this pandemic covid-19 across all sectors has sheared electoral budgets from the government even further.

“Funding and budget cuts were some off the setback to implementations of these plans.

“Amongst these outstanding electoral events, are voter registration update for Choiseul and Western provinces and their subsequent provincial assemblies’ elections.”

In the meantime, the Electoral Commission is implementing HCC Vuhokesa ward by-election, in Central Honiara Constituency with shared cost from Council funds, the statement says.

It adds, the Electoral commission has its own activity calendar within its 4-year electoral cycle of which activities are being planned and budgeted for accordingly.

“Electoral Commission’s role is to facilitate the process to give you a voice at national parliament and we will ensure with all support from the government, donor partners and your cooperation allow you to elect your leader.”

SIEO assures voters from West Kwaio that it is ready to progress work and as soon as this current budget is passed, the Commission will be rolling out the by-election for the West Kwaio constituency.

West Kwaio constituency has lost their MP for national parliament late Hon. Titus Fika late last year, 2021

However, the holding of national by-election depends on Electoral Commission’s decision which again subjected hugely to availability of funds

The details on the election date for this by-election will be made known to West Kwaio voters and constituents as soon as funds are available.

The Commission acknowledges West Kwaio constituents’ concern over the delay of West Kwaio constituency by-election.

It confirms that West Kwaio by-election is one of the outstanding electoral activities for this year, 2022.

For enquiries on any matter related to elections and the work of Electoral commission, do not hesitate to call SIEO office helpline 7222200 or office main switch board 2118/9. Or you can also visit our SIEO website www.siec.gov.sb and follow official Facebook page @sielectoroalcommission@gmail.com for updates and announcement.

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