Fake-news and misinformation, a serious issue here

Participants of AIDB workshop

Fake news and misinformation is a serious issue in Asia Pacific region says Director information within the Fiji Ministry of information, Izek Lal.

Mr. Lal made the statement during opening of a sub-regional Documentary workshop for Asia Pacific broadcasters which is currently underway in Suva, Fiji this week.

He said, “Fakenews and misinformation is a serious issue here in Asia Pacific region. Journalists have to be very careful about the impacts thier stories have in the society.”

He adds, the workshop will help participants to be well-equipped in giving factual and credible information to the masses.

More than twenty broadcasters from the Asia-Pacific region were part of the workshop.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC’s) Jimmy Isu and Charley Piringi represents Solomon Islands.

The workshop was organized by the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcast Development (AIBD).

The workshop will concludes Wednesday next week.

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