Fate of Vietnamese ‘reef robbers’ still in limbo

The three 'blue boats' in question

The three ‘blue boats’ in question

The Solomon Islands’ Government is undecided on the fate of he 43 detained Vietnamese fishermen accused of illegal fishing in local waters last week.

Multiple departments, including National Fisheries, are currently investigating conducting an investigation into the matter, with a report set to be handed to the Attorney General’s office.

However no time frame has been put on the investigation.

The 43 detainees are currently being housed at Rove Police Club, Honiara. The cost has not been determined.

Meanwhile MP for East Honiara, Douglas Ete, said the Government should put to tender the three boats that were seized.

The boats were escorted into Honiara last week after being accused of illegal fishing, at the Indispensable Reef, 50km south of Rennell Island, Renbel Province. with sea cucumbers spotted on board.

One boat escaped.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mr Ete said the Government should not have mercy otherwise illegal fishing would continue.



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