Violence erupts in Tinge Ridge as Police is called in

The special police forces at the site of the violence this morning

A group of angry group of men armed with rocks, bows and iron bars stormed the premises of the Hatanga Company at Tinge Ridge this morning, causing damage to homes and property.

The illegal settlers retaliated after a home was burned down early this morning by an unknown group of people.

It is believed the situation erupted following last week’s demolition exercise carried out by Hatanga to clear illegal settlers off its land at the Tinge Ridge area.

Members of the Police Response Team (PRT) and their counterparts from the Participating Police Force (PPF) were alerted to the scene and quickly brought the situation under control.

SIBC News was at the scene early this morning and saw the police action and the police circle overhead.

A police helicopter circles over the Tinge Ridge area

The men who stormed the Hatanga headquarters are believed to be from Temotu province. Meanwhile, more police officers have been deployed to bring the situation under control.

However details of the situation are still sketchy at midday today.


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