Divorce. Photo credit: Playeuromillions.

Divorce. Photo credit: Playeuromillions.

Christian faiths in Solomon Islands should recognise and deal with the rising rate of divorce cases in the country before it becomes an incurable social disorder.

Father Abraham Donulea of Avu’avu Catholic Parish of Guadalcanal told SIBC News the church is dealing with an increasing rate of family break down on a daily basis.

Mr Donulea said in his pastoral duties, he has personally dealt with a significant number of marriage problems.

He says the Christian Faith must accept the fact that marriage break down is its responsibility and rally efforts to provide religious solutions to this demonic culture.

Father Donulea said one of the main reasons for marriage break down is the fact that not many men find time to attend religious activities as they are always busy with circular activities.

He says men as head of the family ought to learn how to raise their family in a God-fearing manner.

Father Donulea adds men are good advisers, but do not always live what they preach.

He urged the Solomon Islands Christian and Solomon Islands Full Gospel Associations not to turn a blind eye on the increasing rate of family break down in the country.

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