Hon John Maneniaru, Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources and MP for West Are'are. Photo credit: GCU.

Hon John Maneniaru, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources and MP for West Are’are. Photo credit: GCU.

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources has said the Fisheries Management Bill 2015 is about managing the country’s fisheries resources for a better future.

John Maneniaru told Parliament last Friday, Solomon Islands has a larger Exclusive Economic Zone which must be better-managed for a better tomorrow.

He said the Bills will provide the framework for the better management of the country’s fisheries resources and ecosystems.

“It will provide better fisheries compliance through the committed monitoring control surveillance of our waters, through enforcement of our laws. It is a Bill that seeks to promote private sector development, investment and secure markets access to achieve higher returns and social benefits from the use of our marine resources. It’s a Bill Mr Speaker, that will pave the challenge for us to improve our fisheries governance through a strengthened institutional and sectoral framework.”

The Fisheries Minister also told Parliament the country’s fisheries sector has more than doubled its returns over the last five years than in 2009 when it earned $95 million for the country.

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