Jimmy Lusibaea. Photo credit:

Jimmy Lusibaea. Photo credit:

Member of Parliament for North Malaita  Jimmy Lusibaea has questioned Parliament about whose interest is Solomon Islands pushing to pass the Fisheries Management Bill 2015.

Mr. Lusibaea’s question follows reports the European Union is pressurizing the Fisheries Ministry  to ensure the Fisheries Management Bill is passed in Parliament or risk losing access to EU Fisheries markets.

He says it is a grave concern how this Bill has been quickly shoved into Parliament.

The MP says if it is true that this Bill has to be passed due to external pressures then Solomon Islands sovereignty as a nation comes into question.

Meanwhile, the North Malaita MP says EU needs to be lenient with Solomon Islands as a Least Developing Countries.

He says Solomon Islands is finding it hard to meet SPS standards, record illegal fishing, and patrol waters.

He adds Solomon Islands 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone are patrolled by foreign navies seconded to the Forum Fisheries Agency.

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