Permanent Secretary Jimmy Saelea. Photo credit: SIBC.

Permanent Secretary Jimmy Saelea. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Permanent Secretary for Agriculture and Livestock, Jimmy Saelea says people must be reminded that food security must go hand in hand with Nutrition Security.

Mr Saelea says health experts tell us that “we are what we eat” and the type of food people eat expresses itself in how healthy people are.

The Permanent Secretary adds, locally produced crops and vegetables and fruits are good for both children and adults.

But he says the general population tends to go for easy-to-cook and prepared food, than spending time on food preparation that requires hard work.

Mr Saelea adds that locally produced foods no longer feature in a family meal at dinner time, rather the instant meal trend has overtaken the local recipes.

The Permanent Secretary made the comments to mark the World Food Day today, at the Trade Expo Grounds in Honiara.

SIBC News understands a number of policies was recently developed by the Agriculture Ministry to advocate for food security and local food crops

These include the Fruits and Nut Industry, Organic Agriculture, Rice Development, Livestock Development, Food Security, Safety and Nutrition Policy, and the Lokol Food Framework.

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