Foreign Vessels and Aircraft restrictions normalized


With the full reopening of international borders on July 1, normal clearance functions on foreign vessels and aircrafts imposed during the covid-19 period will return to usual authorities.

A foreign vessel at Solomon Ports. Photo: SIPA Media

This means the Comptroller of Customs will assume control of coordinating clearance of all foreign vessels entering the country using the remote clearance method until it is safe to return to the normal boarding of vessels to conduct clearance.

All foreign vessels that only enter the country to offload or load cargos, fuel or gas are not required to have their crews checked for COVID-19 prior to entry into Solomon Islands.

All logging vessels are still required to have one negative PCR COVID-19 test prior to departure from their last port, and if no crew is ill during the journey to Solomon Islands, the crew will not be re-tested on arrival in Solomon Islands unless testing is indicated.

Similarly, the Director of Fisheries will assume the normal assessment of all fishing vessels entering the country’s ports. Only Carrier vessels are required to test their crews prior to departure for Solomon Islands.

For aircrafts, the Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands [CAASI] will fully assume the approval of normal aircraft traffic to enter and land at the country’s international airport.


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