Dr Vigulu lauds Indian High Commissioner

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Forestry and Research, Dr Vaeno Vigulu has commended the Indian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Inbasekar Sundaramurthi for driving the initiative to help assist Solomon Islands National University to revive the Forestry certificate program at Poitete, Kolombangara, Western Province.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Forestry and Research, Dr. Vaeno Vigulu

Dr Vigulu expresses his heartfelt gratitude during a brief courtesy call by the High Commissioner at the Forestry office during his visit here. “It has been the Ministry’s long-time vision to see that SINU forestry programs as such be moved back to Poitete Campus because of these reasons.

“First, practically those fields of study required of to meet field works will surely be available, secondly there are already existing infrastructures that needs renovation and maintenance thus it will be within the timeframe given for the assistance rendered by the Indian Government.”

He adds that the help by the Indian Government is a timely gesture since the Ministry of Forestry and Research have been looking for donors to fund the relocation project over the years.

The Permanent Secretary highlighted the connection made with the Indian Government as an achievement made under one of the key policies of the current Democractic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA); that is to partner with other institutions and organisation towards implementing key identified areas within the forestry sector.

High Commissioner Inbasekar Sundaramurthi was pleased to hear the concerns raised by the Permanent Secretary and assures his government’s commitment to the proposal.

“It is my government’s wish to help Solomon Islands and that is shown through the genuine approval by my government for the 400 thousand USD equivalent to SBD 3 million for this relocation project.

“It is also important that we proceed with the required procedures sooner than later because we are running against time, and I can assure you we will deliver accordingly,” he assured.

Sundaramurthi further says that he wants every procedural matter to be settled with a taskforce assigned to handle and deal with all the relevant requirements then proceed to funds transfer as soon as possible.

The taskforce should be made up of representatives from the Solomon Islands National University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Ministry of Forestry and Research and off course from our embassy office at Papua New Guinea, he explains.

“And one’s everything is well ahead according to the processes; I am sure the first tranche of payments is expected soon.” High Commissioner Inbasekar Sundaramurthi and the Permanent Secretary, Dr Vaeno Vigulu also discussed other areas of interest regarding the forestry sector.


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