Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

In Sports, a former NOCSI General-Secretary Chris Suaga has expressed concerns over the absence of a Malaita Province representative during the establishment of the Solomon Games Council in Honiara recently.

Mr Suaga told SIBC Tok Sport it is very disappointing that Malaita Province did not send a representative to attend the meeting.

He said the meeting was very important.

“Minister, Provincial Sports Ministers and Sports Coordinators of the distant provinces have attended and for Malaita, which is very close. This is very important because Solomon Islands Games has been held but there was no proper organisation to look after it, so therefore, the establishment of the Solomon Islands Games Council is very important and it’s good for Malaita Province be represented so that they can share their views as well as know what’s in it for sports in Malaita.”

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