Peace building. Photo credit:

Peace building. Photo credit:

A former Peace Monitoring officer who worked during the ethnic tension has called on the Solomon Islands Government to recognise their efforts.

Gregson Anisia made the call after the government has promised to recognise former field force officers who served at the Solomon Islands-Papua New Guinea border during the Bougainville Crisis.

Mr Anisia, a team leader of the Monitoring Post 11 (MP11) at Atori, East Malaita, told SIBC News in an interview that the government should also consider them as peace monitors, who involved much in the collection of firearms during the tensions.

“There is no difference between the danger allowance paid to the former field force officers who served at the border. Now if we are to compare our duties, actually we were ones who involved directly in the collection of both illegal and legal firearms used or not used during the ethnic tension, so the question is, will the government consider us and pay a certain danger allowance for our work?”

SIBC News understands, the government said it has factored into the recently passed supplementary appropriation bill, teachers’ outstanding payments and that of the former field force officers.

Parliament has passed the 2015 Supplementary Appropriation Bill last Thursday.

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