‘Christmas is a time to show compassion’: Maelanga


MP for East Malaita and former Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga. Photo credit: GCU.

Christmas prompts us to demonstrate the compassionate nature of humanity.

This is contained in the care-taker opposition leader’s nationwide Christmas address.

Manasseh Maelanaga said, Solomon Islanders should seek to radiate the beauty of God’s love to the sick, those in prison, the bereaved, the broken hearted, and the less fortunate this Christmas.

“There are people within our society who appear to be abandoned at a time in their lives, when they need family members the most. It is our Christian obligation to reach out to them.

“Christmas emphasizes the importance of emotionally healing and reconciliation hence we should also seek to strengthen relationships with our immediate and extended families, neighbours, work colleagues and everybody else by reconciling any differences or grievances that may exist within these circles.”

He emphasized, the fabrics of our society depends on harmonious co-existence to be intact.


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