Former warlord pleas for forgiveness


Harold Keke is serving life in prison.
Photo: Waka photos

The country’s former war lord Mr. Harold Keke has made a plea for forgiveness.

A statement by the Correctional Services of Solomon Islands CSSI said Mr Keke, as one of the perpetrators of the previous ethnic tension, expressed apology to the victims during a Fellowship and Reconciliation program between inmates, Keke with his followers and Titige Samaritan Satellite Church recently.

The program was made possible through the CSSI Programs & Industry Department in collaboration with Titige Community and Christian families.

CSSI said the program aimed to bring about forgiveness, healing and restoration of relationship between families, help them maintain their spiritual commitment, and to give a second chance to offenders.

It added, the program is part of the government’s policy for the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the inmates, Francis Lela acknowledged the CSSI Commissioner and CSSI Management, Titige community leaders and elders for praying and having fellowship with them.

Mr. Lela said the reconciliation is the first ever between the Guadalcanal Liberal Front GLF and victims outside the prison.

He added, the event signifies an important milestone between Titige community and those who joined the GLF.

Lela said, they whole heartedly apologize for the problems and issues faced during the past which caused hatred and disunity amongst community members.


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