Commerce Minister explains entry of 60 plus Bangladesh nationals


Hon. William Bradford Marau, Minister for Commerce, Industry Labour and Immigration.
Photo: Commerce

The 60 plus Bangladesh nationals in the country came under Work Permit and Investment Visa.

The Minister of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration William Marau told Parliament this morning, this information is extracted by a Ministry investigation.

“They came through two avenues. One is work permit through the Kitano Project and few came investment visa. Under the employment visa, they came through the Kitano Project.

“Most of them came through the work permit visa, they acquire a local company. This is the result of an investigation Ministry did recently to find out how they came.”

Minister Marau said, the Bangladesh nationals strictly followed all necessary government legislation to make their entry in the country legal.

He said, some have breached their agreement but the government refocuses on policy upgrade to discourage them from involving in retail shops.

Mr. Marau has faith in his Ministry officials, there is no yellow envelope exchanged.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare explained, there is currently no legislation against foreign investments in the country.

The Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs, Milner Tozaka said, Bangladesh belongs to our region, Asia Pacific.

He said, the influx of Bangladesh nationals is a response to the growing business opportunity in Solomon Islands.

Minister Tozaka explained, Solomon Islands and Bangladesh are entering a relationship to offer business opportunities in both countries.

By: Leni Dalavera

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