From London to Honiara: Brexit impacts to hit Solomon Islands


Brexit’s impact is set to hit the Solomons

It may seem a world away in the Solomon Islands, but the impacts of Brexit are set to travel the 15,000km from London to Honiara.

The Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Brussels, His Excellency Moses Mose told SIBC in an exclusive interview that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, commonly known as ‘Brexit’, would be felt in the Hapi Isles.

His Excellency Mose said when Britain leaves in 2019, its development funding contribution to the European Union would cease.

Britain foots 15 per cent of the EU development funding to small developing countries, including Solomon Islands.

He said many Asian, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries exported commodities such as sugar, banana and other agriculture products to Britain.

The Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Brussels, His Excellency Moses Mose in Brussels.

Mr Mose went on the explain that the trade preferential market access would also come into question post Brexit.

But Mr Mose said despite the downside, there was an assurance that negotiation windows with either the ACP or on a bilateral basis were available so smaller trading partners were not severely affected.

However, he said Brexit could also play as an advantage to members of the Commonwealth.

The country’s Ambassador to Brussels has had dialogue with the Commonwealth Secretary General, the Right Honourable Patricia Scotland to take advantage of the UK leaving and negotiate new trade and investment deals with EU.

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